ice garner – pu$$yboy   lyrics🐬 V1 is truly magical the way we look for pain you are the stronger man in all the lain the way I move is forbidden in many states the way you move and your parents think you’re straight CHORUS it’s a good old kind of sexiness when will they stop calling thisSigue leyendo “ice garner – pu$$yboy”

ice garner – desvelo

new song 🙂 lyrics🐬 Verse 1 A veces no puedo dormir algo me mantiene despierto un anhelo me hierve por dentro un deseo esfervescente se apodera de mi mente está errada la natura humana querer más nos jode hasta en la cama es una maldición que lleva aquel que ya no ama que elSigue leyendo “ice garner – desvelo”


Hello world! My second semester as an exchange student in Denmark has begun, and my way to say hi to the new stories to come is the release of my first mixtape ever. Completely selfproduced and written by me. It’s name is Apretao and contains 7 songs. To create the videos and the aesthetic ofSigue leyendo “APRETAO MIXTAPE PHOTOSHOOT”