extra pics :)

Three cool pics of Copenhagen I didn’t include in yesterday’s post. They are from the cultural center called BLOX, and the Justice Palace. “BLOX promotes sustainable urban development in a broad sense and thus forms the setting for activities aimed at the general public as well as more narrowly defined professional networks”, says the official webpage. I’ve been getting a lot of lectures about sustainability … Continúa leyendo extra pics 🙂

A visit to the Black Diamond

Since the long time I’ve been in Denmark by now, I hadn’t visited the Royal Library yet. Everyone said it was beautiful and I really wanted to go, to make pictures and to also study there while feeling so intellectual. Today we decided to go to Copenhagen after class to spend some hours there. The building, commonly called the Black Diamond, has this dark, sober … Continúa leyendo A visit to the Black Diamond

A visit to Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket

19/02/19 Today I went to this famous Copenhagen museum with some of my friends. It was free today, so a lot of people were there. It was really beautiful, so Tumblr aestheticish. Full of paintings, sculptures and big spaces, the museum was worthy, especially taking into account that it was free today. I took some pics for you to enjoy 🙂 Pics were taken and … Continúa leyendo A visit to Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket