Viaje a Ibiza: photodiary

En el puente de diciembre me fui de viaje a la isla de Ibiza junto a mi madre, una amiga suya y su hijo. Era un viaje que ellas tenían planeado desde hace un tiempo y al que yo me uní en el último momento. Al ser temporada baja, Ibiza estaba vacía y apagada, peroSigue leyendo “Viaje a Ibiza: photodiary”

Photodiary 7 – 14 April

Yesterday we visited the Klampenborg park, also known as the deer park, because of the animals living there (and it’s true, we saw a lot of them). Before getting deeper into the forest we spent some little time around the beach that was near the entrance, and we also walked through the Bakken park, thatSigue leyendo “Photodiary 7 – 14 April”

Photodiary 6 – 13 April

Trip to Roskilde Fjord (Denmark) 🙂   PD: this time, apart from using the usual iPhone filters I use to edit, I changed a lot of the color properties, so some images show colors way more vivid than they really were. Yeah, since it was cloudy as always the colors were much darker, but ISigue leyendo “Photodiary 6 – 13 April”

Trip to Odense (31/03/19)

Last Sunday we went to Odense, in Fionia’s island. It was a one day trip, we took the bus around 9.30 in the morning and came back to Trekroner at 11pm. It was the second trip inside Denmark I did, and I liked it, although we all think that while Denmark has really beautiful landscapes,Sigue leyendo “Trip to Odense (31/03/19)”

The story of a spiritual awakening in Thailand

What happened in Thailand? This is a question a friend of mine has been asked a lot in the last couple of weeks. We can’t say her name because she wants to keep her privacy so we will call her Alice, but she accepted to talk with me openly about the incredible adventures she hadSigue leyendo “The story of a spiritual awakening in Thailand”

extra pics :)

Three cool pics of Copenhagen I didn’t include in yesterday’s post. They are from the cultural center called BLOX, and the Justice Palace. “BLOX promotes sustainable urban development in a broad sense and thus forms the setting for activities aimed at the general public as well as more narrowly defined professional networks”, says the officialSigue leyendo “extra pics :)”

A visit to the Black Diamond

Since the long time I’ve been in Denmark by now, I hadn’t visited the Royal Library yet. Everyone said it was beautiful and I really wanted to go, to make pictures and to also study there while feeling so intellectual. Today we decided to go to Copenhagen after class to spend some hours there. TheSigue leyendo “A visit to the Black Diamond”

This 19 year-old girl is rocking at life, here is why

At age nineteen, many people lives are quite messy. Some of them try to follow a certain track like university to keep them pointing to, at least, some direction. Others just work and others go somewhere, looking for something that they probably don’t even know yet. But Elisa Escabia, born and raised in Barcelona, Spain,Sigue leyendo “This 19 year-old girl is rocking at life, here is why”

A walk in Kastellet

This morning I made a little trip to the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen, situated in Østerport. The reason was to fill up the documents I need to be able of voting for the general elections of Spain in April, the 28th. This was very exciting for me because this will be the first time that I’mSigue leyendo “A walk in Kastellet”

A visit to Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket

19/02/19 Today I went to this famous Copenhagen museum with some of my friends. It was free today, so a lot of people were there. It was really beautiful, so Tumblr aestheticish. Full of paintings, sculptures and big spaces, the museum was worthy, especially taking into account that it was free today. I took someSigue leyendo “A visit to Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket”